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There are over a thousand businesses affiliated with Dentistry, but where do you find them all and the right ones for you? We are living in a faster paced world than ever before amongst an economic downturn with increased legislation placed upon our Profession. Everyone feels the stress of time restraints, spiralling costs, pressures from regulations, alongside increasing patient demands and expectations. 

But where do you find everything you need quickly when time is so limited? There are numerous journals advertising a variety of dental businesses, internet companies all offering services, The Dental Showcase and The Dentistry Show all pooling exhibitors together. Yet there are so many businesses that have limited budgets and can't afford regular advertising costs through the numerous journals, tradeshows and conferences.

SOURCE1uk is a centralised dental database connecting the entire dental profession onto one website and all at the click of your finger tips. We are a fantastic educational tool and communication resource for students, dental professionals, practice owners and businesses.


Our Services Include:


Recruitment: We offer a Dental Jobs Board & Recruitment Consultancy.

Education Directory: Find a list of Training Organisations, Articles/Training Courses, Study Clubs, Memberships, Journals, Universities & Colleges.

Classifieds Directory: Find a list of Service Providers, Suppliers and Lab Technicians to help assist your practice.

Referrals Directory: Find a list of Specialists to refer your patients to or register as a Specialist for dentists to find you. 

Practices for Sale: Interested is selling or purchasing a practice or do you have a treatment room to rent? 

dentalBuy: Buy & sell new and used dental items / Do you have dental items you would like to sell? 

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation which comes into effect on 25th May 2018 and replaces the current Data Protection Act. With it comes revised changes as to how data controllers store and process data.

What does this mean for you? Visit http://www.source1uk.com/articles/gdpr-565.htm#comments


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