Network Open - Malcolm - 8th July 2014

Just wanted to say how good the Journal looks and its an interesting easy read which I think works really well .. I found myself reading through the Journal and enjoying it... advert looks great.


Candidate - Amanda - 19th May 2014

Many thanks for finding me a fabulous new job. I really can’t thank you enough. Please keep in touch. With much gratitude Amanda


Staplehurst Dental Practice - Dr Jan Einfeldt - 19th July 2013

We advertised for a new staff member and found her thanks to your web site. No wonder your company has grown so much - you have the edge!
Thank you very much from the whole team! 


Easy Temp Dental Recruitment - Nicola BurgessManager - 10th July 2013

Highly Recommend!
For the past several Months, I have had the good fortune to work with the team of professionals at SOURCE1uk. I manage a national recruiting firm and posting our searches with SOURCE1uk has significantly increased our revenue and market share. I would highly recommend this organisation for your human resource needs.


Malaak Al-Rawi - Dentist - March 26th 2013

I recently graduated from dental school and wanted to sell my used dental manikin unit and frasaco jaw. I found out about dentalBuy from looking on google and I was amazed by the fantastic service the SOURCE1uk team gave me. I was extremely happy that I sold my used dental equipment and that it went to great use for a student. 


Shine Recruitment - Laura French Recruitment Officer - 6th March 2013

I have recently started recruiting on SOURCE1uk and have found their website to be very effective in recruiting for candidates. Ryan has been a pleasure to deal with and he is always there to help. I will continue to use SOURCE1uk for all my recruiting needs and feel it is a great website to come to for all of your dental requirements in one place.

Thank you to everyone at SOURCE1uk and I would highly recommend them.


Genix Healthcare - Sara Todd Recruitment Officer - 5th March 2013

I have worked with SOURCE1uk for a number of months now and consider them to be a great company with friendly staff and effective, successful methods of recruiting. The communication from Sara and Ryan is great, they always keep up to date with my recruitment needs and I am confident in the service they provide and the exposure my vacancies receive. I would recommend SOURCE1uk to anyone wanting effective and professional recruitment services.


Confident Recruitment - John Shorland - 5th March 2013

My experience of working with SOURCE1uk has been fantastic, excellent market knowledge, great customer service and all round nice people to work with, give them a try.


MC Repairs - Carl Wise - 15th February 2013

Since registering with SOURCE1UK back in October 2012, it feels like I have become part of a community rather than another advertisement stream. Ryan and the team really do go that extra mile for all their subscribers. SOURCE1UK has been a great addition to dentistry, long may it continue.


Natural+ Teeth Whitening - Stephen Douglas Managing Director - 31th January 2013

SOURCE1uk is an excellent online resource for all your dental requirements. It is building up to be a great community for dentists, hygienists, dental nurses. For the first time you really can get all the resources you require for your practice from under one roof. Ryan and his team do an amazing job to pull all this together whether its supplies, vacancies, education, training, advertising and much more. I highly recommend SOURCE1uk for all your dental needs.


Dentac London - Dr Mohamed Kassam - 29th January 2013

SOURCE1uk has so far provided us with an incredibly personalised service that has opened new doors and opportunities for our new business. We have been able to advertise our services to the wider dental market in a manner that is quick, most efficient and very cost effective not to mention the constant twitter and social media updates that SOURCE1uk kindly makes daily on our behalf to ensure maximum and continual publicity for our courses and services.

Its great to be able to pick up the phone or send an email and get an immediate response from Ryan who spares no effort to ensure that our ever changing requirements are met fully. It is almost like SOURCE1uk is an extention of our very own business and it is a breath of fresh air to see such companies provide such a personal and efficient service.

Many thanks to Ryan and the SOURCE1uk team for all your efforts


Little Learners Publishing - Ian - 15th January 2012

When we started our campaign to improve childrens oral health around the world, we struggled to get it going, that was until SOURCE1uk got involved. Their willingness to back an organisation with no promise of a return was staggering and since they have been involved, awareness of our Clean My Teeth campaign has amplified exponentially. Their customer service surpasses any we have received from anyone ever and it is a pleasure to be working with them. When it comes to the all things dental, people should look to SOURCE1uk FACT!!


Aviva Cosemtic Dentistry - Dr Julian Caplan - 5th January 2013

Recently I needed to employ a new hygienist and I used SOURCE1uk to find a number of suitable applicants. The wonderful thing about SOURCE1uk was that this service was absolutely free! They were extremely helpful and I will be definitely using them again for any future recruitment needs.


Oral Surgery Tube - 30th November 2012

You are great Ryan, No words are enough to say how much we appreciate you!


The Perfect Smile Studio & Institute - Rahul Doshi - 22nd August 2012

Have subscribed to some of your great services. Great idea. Well done 

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