Jobseeker Terms & Conditions


1. Who Owns
SOURCE1uk is owned by Dr. Nadine Skipp (in partnership) and operated alongside other Dental Professionals. SOURCE1uk reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any time, with any modification being immediate upon posting the updated version on this site. Following such notification, by continuing to access, use or submit information to this site, will be deemed that the revised Terms and Conditions have been accepted.

2. Who can Use the Site
The site may be used by any interested parties regarding Recruitment, Education and Classifieds. Recruitment may be used by UK residents and any International applicants over 16 years of age seeking a Candidate position available by an Employer in the UK. All Employers are UK based at present.

3. Accepting our Terms and Conditions of Business
Terms and Conditions of Business and agreement to our Newsltter are accepted by completing our Registration Form and where applicable the selective payment transaction in full for our Education (Training Courses & Study Clubs list) and listings under Classifieds (Service Providers, dentalBuy and Practices for Sale/Rooms to Rent). Excluded from this is our Consultancy Services for Recruitment and Practices for Sale/Rooms to Rent. This is under a separate contractual agreement. 

The standard Registration Fee for such listings are as follows:

The Jobs Board is FREE (excluding Consultancy).


Our fees for Education & Classifieds are listed below. 

Duration 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Gold  £28 £55 100 £180 
Platinum       £330 


Our fees for Referrals and our For Patient Section is below

Duration 1 Year
Gold £180


Our fees for Practices for Sale/Treatment Rooms to Rent are listed below

Duration 1 Month
Gold £28


Our fees for dentalBuy (where you buy & sell new and used dental items)

Duration 1 Month
Gold £5


A Gold listing entitles you to list your Business details, logo, web address and write up (max 1000 words). A Platinum listing has the same features as a Gold listing, but your listing appear ahead of any Gold listings. 

SOURCE1uk is not responsible to ensure that any Candidate or Employer registered on the site is suitable to your requirements. SOURCE1uk is a live, fully interactive ‘jobs board’ and database only. It is up to you to satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the Candidate or Employer and take up any references supplied by the Candidate or Employer before the engagement starts. Neither SOURCE1uk nor anyone acting on our behalf can accept liability for the accuracy of any information supplied in relation to Candidates or Employers whether this concerns employment history, qualifications, personal circumstances or any other matter whatsoever. SOURCE1uk is not responsible for obtaining work or other permits, references or medical reports. Our Recruitment Consultancy Service is under a separate contractual agreement.
5. The Suitability of SOURCE1uk Recruitment Jobs Board4. Payment for the Registration Fee
Once the Registration details are fully completed, a Registration Fee must be paid for Silver and Gold before your information can be accessed, otherwise you will not be permitted to list on the site. The Bronze listing is FREE. Payment can only be made by PayPal.

6. The Availability of SOURCE1uk Candidates and Employers
SOURCE1uk nor anyone acting on our behalf, will accept or guarantee that a Candidate or Employer is available to accept any engagement. SOURCE1uk is not responsible for any loss or expenses incurred from failure in the contract between either party after acceptance.

7. Specialist List
To list on our SOURCE1uk Service Provider, Specialist List you must be registered on the GDC Specialist List. You are responsible for information which mentions your name or your practice and ensures it is current, accurate and honest. You must have relevant documentation to verify your qualification(s). Any individual incorrectly listed and brought to the attention of SOURCE1uk, will be removed upon immediate effect. SOURCE1uk is not responsible for the acts & omissions by any individual falsely listing.

8. Cosmetic Dentist, Implant Provider and Facial Aesthetic Practitioner List
To list on SOURCE1uk as one of the above Service Providers you must have relevant training and shold upporting documentation. You are responsible for information which mentions your name or your practice and ensures it is current, accurate and honest. Any individual incorrectly listed and brought to the attention of SOURCE1uk, will be removed upon immediate effect. SOURCE1uk is not responsible for the acts & omissions by any individual falsely listing.

9. dentalBuy
• dentalBuy will become Dentistry’s biggest Dental online shopping destination, providing a platform for members associated with Dentistry to buy and sell new and used itmes in an easy way
 dentalBuy is a live listing in the UK with fixed prices only or at the discretion of the seller.
dentalBuy is effectively an internet database only.
• Sellers of all sizes covering business and private individuals can used dentalBuy. dentalBuy can be sold globally to any interested party.

dentalBuy is owned by SOURCE1uk and originated to help consumers find and purchase items they want.
• All items purchased and sold are listed independently of SOURCE1uk and binding as a contractual agreement between the buy and seller.

10. Cancelling the Registration and Rebate Entitlement
There will be NO rebate entitlement once the Registration has been accepted and the Registration Fee transaction has been completed. Duration of Registration for users are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. You may proceed to re-Register as a new registration if you want to continue to have your details listed on our Jobs Board, Education and Classifieds Section. For fee paying listings, you will have to pay the full Registration Fee again. There are no re-registration concessions. The existing contract can not be renewed and all Terms and Conditions must be agreed upon as a new Registration.

If a user chooses to remove their details before their contract Registration duration ceases due to a successful engagement or for any other reason, details may be removed from the site by yourself. The relevant termination date to end Registration in such instance shall be immediate.

11. Liability for Loss or Damage, (Recruitment, Education, and Classifieds)
Under no circumstances is SOURCE1uk liable for loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by you or any other person, firm or company regarding our Jobs Board (introduction or engagement of a Candidate or Employer), Training Courses (independently offered by the relevant Institute or Provider), Service Providers (independently indemnified), dentalBay (all transactions are independent from SOURCE1uk and bound by a Contractual agreement between the buyer and seller), Practice for Sale/Rooms to Rent (as a list only); excluded from this clause are our Consultancy Services excluding (Recruitment and Practices for Sale/Rooms to Rent ), which is under a separate contractual agreement.

12. MISUSE of SOURCE1uk Website
SOURCE1uk reserves the right to cancel your existing Registration with immediate effect and without prior notice and liability due to misuse, as well as ban your future use of the site as deemed necessary.

You will only use and process information provided by SOURCE1uk on Candidates and Employers for Dental Recruitment purposes only and in accordance with UK Data Protection legislation. This also applies to our Education and Classifieds Section. To improve our service to you through and for training purposes, we may monitor or record your communications with us by telephone and email. SOURCE1uk is a secure site and abides by Data Protection Rules & Regulations.

No alterations to these Terms and Conditions shall have effect unless arranged in writing by SOURCE1uk.

The contract shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of England and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.



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